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This sensor could be the single most important thing in the kitchen!

December 20th , 2019 by

A commercial kitchen should ensure the production of safe food, and help clients meet their legal obligations in this area.

After all, every diner has the right to expect the kitchen preparing their meal to take their wellbeing seriously….and every business wants to avoid reputational damage. Simply put, safe food starts with safe storage because if food products are allowed to move out of a specific temperature range for more than a very short period, any pathogens present can multiply.

Imagine the dilemma if a walk-in unit containing expensive stock fails? Staff have no idea how long the unit has been out of safe temperature range and what risk the food now poses to customers. Do they take the hit – or take the risk?

This is where a food safety management system that monitors equipment temperatures comes in. MonikaPrime continuously records storage temperatures against defined safe limits and sends alerts when a deviation occurs – even if the kitchen is closed. This means food can be moved before it becomes unsafe, saving money and avoiding risk. As an added bonus, monitoring equipment temperatures is a good way of identifying running problems, helping prioritise maintenance. Contact us for details and pricing options.