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Affordable and flexible options for a growing business

MonikaGo is a mobile, flexible food safety system that has been designed to help smaller food businesses to meet their food safety requirements  – easily and completely.

Professional food safety monitoring has never been simpler. Monika allows you to choose the right combination of hardware and software and the package that’s right for you and your business including our Smart PA handset and Smart Bluetooth probe for temperature sampling.

  • Easy compliance from day one reduces risk and worry
  • Affordable and flexible options for a growing business
  • Save time and paperwork.
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Getting started

Our system includes a number of features designed to suit the needs of your business. These include:

  • Biocote-treated Smart PA handset with MonikaGo software pre-configured to guide you through a food safety system
  • Biocote-treated Smart Bluetooth probe for temperature sampling
  • Cloud data storage
  • Management and training section for easy record keeping
  • If you are an existing Monika customer, call to see how MonikaGo may work in your business.

Contact us today to see how MonikaGo can help you simplify food safety, call us on +971 (0) 4 5136217.

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Affordable and flexible options for a growing business

Temperature sampling

Our Bluetooth probes will send data captured directly to your Smart PA to save extra time needed to enter it manually. Safe and reliable at both high and low temperatures, a probe can also be used to check cabinets are within the safe range allowing you to rescue food before it is wasted.

Easy reporting

With a Monika Smart PA, you will also be able to generate reports to give you a full audit history, review any incidents that have occurred and can customise the application by including and viewing additional checks.

Sector expertise

Coffee Shops
Pubs & Bars
Restaurants & Takeaways
Convenience Stores

Great, let’s get started!

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Frequently asked questions


  • Is the Monika Smart PA suitable to use in a kitchen?

    Yes, the Smart PA is both robust and hygienic, with Biocote anti-microbial protection.

  • How does the Monika Smart PA charge?

    The SmartPA charges wirelessly to keep clutter to a minimum. Simply place in its cradle when not in use to enjoy many hours of battery life. The Monika Smart Bluetooth probe also charges wirelessly.

  • Do I need a Monika Bluetooth probe?

    If you want to save additional time entering temperature readings from food, a Bluetooth probe will connect to your Smart PA and automatically upload temperature readings which you can store.


  • How do I get MonikaGo up and running?

    The Monika Smart PA has been preloaded with an app that is based around Safer Food Better Business, so all you need to do is switch on, see if you want to customise any of the extra checks and get going!

  • Is MonikaGo easy to use?

    MonikaGo is built around a series of sections that you access through the Smart PA touchscreen, with simple navigation making it easy to understand and use, even for someone new to food safety.

  • Can I make any changes to the checklists?

    MonikaGo does allow you to add some extra checks that are specific to your business.


  • What are the benefits of MonikaGo?

    MonikaGo is based around ADFCA & DM Food Code for small operators, to allow valuable time savings and remove messy paperwork, while giving you the peace of mind that you are compliant and inspection-ready.

  • How is the data I input stored?

    MonikaGo comes with cloud storage for all your records. The Smart PA will store data even when you are not in WiFi range, and will upload it next time you are.

  • How do I run reports for an inspection?

    With MonikaGo you will be able to access a dashboard through our website which will allow you to easily run any reports you need, and get a clear picture of how things are going.