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The simple path to total food safety and effective temperature monitoring

March 17th , 2016 by

With an ethos centred on innovation, expertise and the very best standards of customer service, Monika has been at the forefront of the development in wireless temperature monitoring for over 20 years. Fitted with state-of-the-art technology and developed following an extensive research and development programme, the team at Monika is delighted to introduce the pioneering PathFinder live temperature monitoring system.

With stringent checks and comprehensive legislation governing modern day food service, achieving complete compliance in today’s demanding world can be a challenge. This is where a total food safety system, such as that found in the Monika PathFinder stand out. Designed to continuously monitor and log data around the clock, the PathFinder system uses core sensors discreetly positioned in food storage areas including fridges, chiller draws, cold rooms, serveries and refrigerated display counters to produce an accurate record of temperatures.

Linked via the latest secure ZigBee® wireless meshing network, data is sent back to a main hub where, through the easy to read, colour-coded computer dashboard, operators can monitor the storage conditions of their stock. Should a sensor detect a temperature outside of the pre-set parameters, instant visual alerts, on screen, via text message and a rapid email escalation process, helps to ensure a fast reaction to identifying issues.

Helping to avoid the impact on customers and the management costs that frequently follow the outbreak of a food-borne illness within a food service institution, the system has been designed to allow operators the opportunity to move or use stock before it becomes unsafe as well as fix refrigeration before it fails. What’s more, through the elimination of time-consuming manual temperature checks undertaken regularly throughout the day, businesses can achieve far greater labour efficiencies throughout the kitchen.

Cost savings are not the only consideration though. With businesses increasingly being asked to demonstrate legislative and regulatory compliance, it is vital that temperature monitoring checks are accurately maintained. Monika’s PathFinder system is able to offer extremely high levels of accuracy, with paper-free, digital due diligence records, built-in assurance and full accountability at every stage.

Rag Hulait, Senior Sales Consultant at Monika explains how the PathFinder system can not only save money, but time, paper and stock too:

“Compliance with the Food Standards Agency, Environmental Health and HACCP reporting is now an essential part of running a food service operation yet many operators still rely on paper recording which is not only time consuming but also open to human error. By using a fully automated, wireless monitoring system such as that in the PathFinder system guarantees full accountability, assurance and round-the-clock 24-hr monitoring capability to provide indisputable compliance and clear cost, stock and time savings across the business.”

 Monika’s innovative, yet easy to use solutions are streamlined and cost-effective. Bespoke solutions and tailor-made packages are designed to deliver significant savings and operational efficiencies on across a business.

For more information on the Monika PathFinder system or to find out about any of the other expert services on offer from the company, please visit www.monika.com or call 0800 130 3838.