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How MonikaPrime saves time

March 1st , 2019 by

MonikaPrime manages tasks and checks, using the Smart PA – a robust android device that is Biocote-treated for hygiene. Tasks and checks can be scheduled including maintenance checks, hygiene checks, stock checks for shelf life, cleaning routines, pest control, goods in inspections and other routines. Using the device reduces the time spent filling in and filing paper forms. And, by scheduling these activities at appropriate times where service demands are lower, staff productivity is improved.

Hand probing is a time-consuming task undertaken to sample food temperatures at the end of processes such as prime cooking, chilling, defrosting and reheating to ensure safe temperatures have been achieved and are recorded. MonikaPrime uses a wireless blue tooth probe in conjunction with the Smart PA for this purpose, again saving time against pen and paper recording.

Additional time savings can also be achieved by employing User and Area tags to identify individual users or the areas in which they are working. This adds to the integrity of the data collected, verifying person, time and place.

There are many other features and benefits to the system which we will look at in future posts. Find out more at the MonikaPrime page here https://ae.monika.com/solutions/monikaprime/ or call us for more information on +971 (0) 4513 6217, email: info@ monika.ae.