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How MonikaPrime saves Energy

April 2nd , 2019 by

When looking at the design of a new kitchen, equipment performance is key. MonikaPrime manages equipment performance, to ensure that commercial refrigeration, hot holding and ware-washing equipment can deliver what is required consistently. This goes beyond maintaining safe temperatures, to encompass energy efficiency, sustainability and protection of costly or vulnerable stock.

The behaviour and performance of a wide range of equipment in the kitchen can be analysed by monitoring a number of key parameters such as duty cycles, heating and cooling curves, and usage cycles. In this way Monika is able to identify poorly performing or failing equipment which is operating inefficiently, helping to drive energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, as well as saving staff resources dealing with issues and arranging for equipment to be fixed.  This results in reduced downtime and improved equipment longevity for overall operational efficiency.

Identification of failing units also prompts early-intervention maintenance to be implemented before equipment becomes uneconomic to repair, or complete breakdown strikes.

There are many other features and benefits to the system which we will look at in future posts. Find out more at the MonikaPrime page here, or call us for more information on 01664 420 022, email: info@ monika.com.