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Get the job done right on the go with a smart food hygiene system

September 26th , 2018 by

MonikaGo is a mobile, modular food safety system that has been set up to help smaller food businesses meet the requirements of Safer Food Better Business – easily and completely.

MonikaGo will take you through the Opening and Closing check routines you need to do, allowing you to easily record what has been done, when and by whom. It enables you to add specific tasks that apply to your operation, including extra tasks that don’t need to be done as often but are important nonetheless. You can also customise it as you go along e.g. if you add a new process or task.

The simple to use software has easy icons to take you to modules covering Cooking and Chilling, Cleaning Tasks, Supplier Deliveries and also to allow you to record if a task is overlooked, cross-contamination occurs or another problem is identified.  Using familiar Safer Food Better Business terminology, it also shows you on the home screen if immediate action is required to help you troubleshoot problems before they escalate.

You can add and remove suppliers and products to speed up the delivery process, and the daily diary function is supplemented by a four-weekly review, audit surveys, a Management section and a handy training record to make sure you can prove complete compliance and maintain your food hygiene rating when your next EHO visit comes round.

By manually probing at least twice a day, you can ensure the safe storage of food within your fridges or freezers. The Monika Bluetooth probe is also suitable for checking the temperature of cooked food during cooking or while being kept warm.

For more details contact Kashif at Monika on email: info@monika.ae