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Does a good layout make a kitchen safe?

March 5th , 2021 by

Kitchen design is becoming more and more focused on safety and hygiene – while efficiency and productivity continue to be critical to a successful foodservice operation. So what’s one thing you can do when planning a new kitchen build or retrofit that ticks both boxes? Include a digital food safety system in your project specifications.

Planning for food safety in a new kitchen project isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also the smart thing to do. Correct spatial/workflow plans, storage, equipment, fixtures/fittings, ventilation, drainage and waste will ensure the kitchen can be run both safely and efficiently. But even the best designed kitchen in the world won’t ensure that a food safety programme is implemented correctly.

That’s where a digital food safety system like MonikaPrime comes in. Automating food safety processes – from temperature control to hygiene tasks and quality checks – is an investment that can meet multiple objectives.

  • By adding wireless temperature monitoring to your fridges, freezers, ambient and cold rooms, your organisation can benefit from cost-savings and reduced wastage, while also keeping staff safe by limiting contact with equipment and reducing movement.
  • MonikaPrime can be programmed to give audible as well as visual reminders when a hygiene task is due – for example to clean down equipment, change cloths and even to alert staff to wash their hands. By choosing to set an alarming and flashing ‘beacon’, staff can be in no doubt that the task is due and are more likely to complete it on time.
  • Offering uninterrupted data management, MonikaPrime software allows easy and efficient monitoring of an entire organisation from any PC, or from our Smart PA. You can view data and receive alerts when you are off-site and analyse how people and equipment are performing to identify training and maintenance issues.

Build in safety with a MonikaPrime digital food safety solution. For more information contact UK Director of Sales Rag Hulait on 07879 884655 or email rhulait@monika.com.