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Why take risks with food safety?

February 12th , 2021 by

With frequent news stories covering failings by restaurants who are landed with huge fines after prosecution for hygiene offences, food safety is never far from the spotlight. Sad cases such as the 2019 listeria outbreak in UK hospitals, and allergen related tragedies should serve as a reminder that this is a huge area of responsibility.

As well as the financial risk, operators face the loss of reputation and even their business. In the US, restaurant chain Chipotle famously saw their shares plunge in value by 67% after a series of foodborne illness outbreaks earlier this decade.

In many cases, including the 2018 Chipotle E-coli outbreak, the cause of food poisoning is due to bacteria growth in food left at unsafe temperatures. In current circumstances, with operators financially stretched due to Covid 19, more are relying on second-hand equipment or postponing equipment renewal and even maintenance to save cost.

However, poorly performing equipment can lead to unsafe temperatures – and the associated consequence as outlined above. Is it worth it?

By adding an automated system that monitors equipment temperatures, organisations can guard against unsafe food, and will also benefit from cost savings and reduced wastage.

A MonikaPrime system will record equipment temperatures automatically, saving many hours of staff time and allowing product at risk, to be saved. It can also help you identify problem units before they fail to plan vital maintenance and prevent stock loss.

Find out more about the complete MonikaPrime food safety management system here or contact Kashif Shaikh: +971 55 996 1827 or email:kshaikh@monika.com.