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HACCP and the commercial kitchen

February 28th , 2020 by

Foodservice personnel will all be familiar with HACCP, but how can you make sure everyone does what they need to do, effectively, easily and traceably?

Let’s break it down into manageable chunks.

The FSA describes HACCP as a way of managing food safety hazards and says food safety management procedures should be based on HACCP principles.

In short, they say this involves:

  • looking closely at what you do in your business, what could go wrong and what risks there are to food safety
  • identifying any critical control points – the areas a business needs to focus on to ensure those risks are removed or reduced to safe levels
  • deciding what action you need to take if something goes wrong
  • making sure that your procedures are being followed and are working
  • keeping records to show your procedures are working.

Add to this the caveat that you should adopt systems that are appropriate for your business. What does it add up to? In short, the need for flexibility.

You need to be able to meet your obligations without making more work than necessary, which is why an off the shelf or paper-based food safety system doesn’t work for everyone. It may not address the unique set up of your business, its particular critical control points, specific risks, and bespoke procedures. You may even spend time developing your own systems in tandem to ensure nothing is missed and you can report adequately when it’s audit time.

How can you avoid this?

A Monika food safety management system is set up for your unique operation from the outset.

HACCP has two major underlying principles – temperature control (to kill bacteria or prevent its growth) and hygiene practices (to detect or prevent contamination). A Monika system covers both in one place but is flexible enough to allow you to tailor it exactly to your operation.

In terms of temperature management this means you can have core product sensors in all pieces of equipment with customisable temperature ranges e.g. if you carry high risk or sensitive product you may want to receive an alarm long before the unit moves out of safe range. Alarms will need to be actioned, and corrective actions recorded to show how you managed an issue that arose to keep food safe.

You can have as many designated areas within the system as you want e.g. Front of House, Back of House or Restaurant, Café, Bar to meet your business structure. You can then assign hygiene tasks or handprobing tasks to these areas by category e.g. cleaning or maintenance. You can schedule them flexibly as well to maximise staff resource during quieter periods. Your business may have specific risks to be addressed or procedures it needs to follow, all of which can be reflected in the system to ensure you comply in every aspect.

On top of this, you will be able to set and escalate reminders to make sure no critical tasks – from cleaning to pest control, and maintenance to handprobing are missed.

Sounds like it could work for you? That’s exactly how it has been designed – to suit you and your business, however it is structured. Contact us for more details on +971 4 513 6217 or email kshaikh@monika.com.